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Welcome to Barrio Obrero Elementary School

It is my pride and joy to welcome you to our Official
Website where we can walk you through the programs, projects, profile,
organizations, and linkages of the school.

Barrio Obrero Elementary School has always been the home of excellence,
passion, and dreams. This has always been the place where children plant the
seeds of their dreams, nurture it with our guidance and lessons, and grow it with
excellence and quality which will, in the next phase of their journey, serve as
a strong and good foundation.

So then, feel free to browse the website, enjoy, and we hope
that you will be inspired to know and learn about BOES and be one with us!

Nutrition Month

September 2019
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History of our school

     Barrio Obrero Elementary School was formerly on annex of F.G. Calderon Elementary School. it was established and became independent on September 19. 1957; now it provides complete elementary education management and supervised by hardworking and energetic principal supported by 6 Master Teachers II and 9 Master Teachers I, 105 teaching personnel and 12 non-teaching personnel with a population of 3369 student.

     B.O.E.S is located in the heart of government owned site with an area of 8,000 sq.meters. Surrounded by several establishment and a Barangay Hall beside the frontal facade.

     The school has of present a four-storey school building which shelters the Grade 1-6 pupils, the special services and the Office of the principal. There is also 3-storey SPED building which accomodates the special education pupils, the SPED Resource and Reading Center; Lopez or HELE Bldg, Journalism Bldg, Covered Court and two center stages.

     A new 3 storey building will be constructed to shelter newly organized SSES classes. Through the years Bo.Obrero has produced thousands of graduates who are successful and famous in their own field of endeavors, locally and abroad. The BOES torch continue its flame=a source of love, care and learning.

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